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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calico Studies LIVE from New Jersey!

Calico Cat named Cally: One of Carroll's companions
Cally the Kitty
"When I got Percy and Cally 7 years ago Cally was named Paris. I couldn't stand hearing about Paris Hilton then at all so I renamed her after my father's father's nickname. Cally. He was born in Wales and I guess that's common over there. I don't know. He was the first Carroll. Maybe that was tough for him too. I was for me in the early days. ("Carroll's a girls name") I got that all the time when young. I spoke to the lady at PetSmart a year later and she said she named Percy and Paris. She named the cat Paris because of the goatee she has. That was good to know."

Red water bucket serves as study, easel with artist's orginal graphic being worked on.
Working on Water Bucket (pronounced boo-kay) #3:   From the Studio

"I included the pic of the water bucket I'm doing now LIVE. You can see my set up. The drawing is much more complected and darker than what you see here.......I guess the light is making it glare. I'm very happy with it. You can see the pallet for the Shore House still on the desk. Just put plastic over it because I'm too tired to clean up. I still have two clocks I haven't set back.  Also Happy New Year. For some reason I think 2014 is going to be a better year,"

Original graphite drawing of water bucket by Carroll Jones III third in series
Water Bucket #3 (Jan 2, 2013)

~Note from Rose:  Couldn't help but notice the strikingly similar they were when comparing Cally's photo and that of the studio shot of the work in progress.~



Mr. Jones sent an old picture of  'one of (?)' his previous pairs of cats.  It was just so pretty and I thought it belonged here.

'Pusa and Maxine 1988'
"I moved to Hoboken with Maxine and an unnamed cat in 1978. I couldn't think of a name for her and so she remained just 'cat'. After a while a total Hobokenite, Mike DaPuzzio, a house painter and blue collar worker helped me out a lot. He fixed up abandoned homes and sold them for a profit. Probably the beginning of "Flip". He got me a desk and a couple of stools and became a friend sort of out there somewhere. He didn't want anything. He just knew I had little and wanted to help out. So I named the cat after him. Puza. I couldn't call the cat Mike Dapuzzio but Puza was much easier to say. Puza lived to 22 and was healthy all her life except the last two days. Her heart gave out. I drove her up to Ann Marchev's house in Summit and buried her there. Ann's daughter is Diane Hendriks who helped you with your blog."