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Friday, November 29, 2013

Current Work in Progress: The Shore House--Added Bonus ~* New Jersey Christmas Spirit*~!!!

"old white house small painting" original sketch, work in progress, by Carroll Jones III
"I'm sending this to you without the toner. I was afraid after the toner it might not be clear as the toner is sometimes too dark. The lines on the original are all straight..the camera is too close and causes curved lines. I can't think of what's that's called. I'll think of the word later." (11/27/13)

"old white house front" photograph used for w.i.p. by Carroll Jones III
"Can you see the house? It opens very small here but I can enlarge it a little in the program. It is the Front of the house (here) that I'm doing in the next painting from the second floor. I took out the chimney and made a few other little adjustments. I have the painting toned and the sky is in full." (11/28/13)

Work in Progress: Original oil painting, in time, of house by the sea by Carroll Jones III
work in progress:  The shore house
" Here, as promised, is the latest pic of the shore house. I don't know at all what the finished title will be but I'm calling it the shore house for the file. It's hard to paint because it's so small and it's all wet and so I can't touch it. I can't 'noodle' on it yet. Sea grass will look so good if I get it right. I wanted to do some little touch ups before I sent but I have to go to the doctor's now and don't have time. I dread that because it will take hours before I got home. Just sitting in the waiting room gets my BP up. Then I have to go to Target's to walk. " (12/2/13).

Work in Progress, the shore house, by Carroll Jones III, original oil painting of white house, in stages
the shore house, Dec. 5, 2012
"You'll see an updated version of the shore house this morning. I'm doing little bits and pieces on it while doing other things here. White takes weeks to dry so that gives me a little trouble. but so far all is okay. I think I'm going to try to restretch the painting in it's new stretchers today. I have a little jar of Cobalt dryer but I don't want to add another chemical to the paint. I picked out the frame yesterday but I have an email in to the frame shop to cancel it."

Work in Progress oil painting by Carroll Jones III--an old white house by the seashore
The old white house Dec. 8,2013

 "Do I take the weekend off? Do I stop to smell the roses? NooOOOoooooooo. I work. I paint. I need to shave too. I still haven't set all my clocks back to the winter time. I have to water the plants too. I just work. Pity me. I have no life. Just work. At least I'm sitting down.

I forgot to tell you, I have a snowflake that lights up (for Christmas) that's been in my front window for December for 4 years. The strange thing about this place......a building with 146 many windows.........nobody else has a Christmas decoration at all. No one! I hope this is not 'the future'. If you stand across the street and look back....just my snowflake is shining down on the rest of humanity. "
Shore House #7 --Work In Progress by Carroll Jones III oil original old white house by seashore, small trees and marsh
Shore House #7

The Shore House #7 arrived on 12/17/2013, the next one will be the completed work. Having lived near Charleston for a time, I can almost smell the ocean---Rose

finished oil painting of old white house in what looks like salt marsh grasses. two trees in front. Carroll Jones original
Shore House ( #8 finished product)
My words to Mr. Jones: "I am so glad you just send the work for me.  I don't care if you ever look at the website, I just do it for me!  Nice it works out that way, eh?  I know that my sisters and  Rich Lemanski enjoy looking at them, too as well as a few others who comment. We are "opportunists" and you feed our curiosity to see how it is done by the professional. It's like watching a surgeon...or a carpenter, or anyone who uses their hands and mind in their profession."

the Shore House, framed 12/24/2013