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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vermont Afternoon Prints Available.

two worn doors, reflecting the sky and trees, with red geraniums at the base
Vermont Afternoon by Carroll Jones III

Mr. Jones began working on this original oil painting following his stroke.  He felt like the stroke, and all the rehabilitation involved actually somehow improved his painting.  The weather-worn look of the paint on the doors, I wonder if it doesn't signify the weariness of the artist himself.  He worked on it, off and on, for four years.

Tenacity is a good word to explain his 53 year span of work.  Thirty years ago he rode the tide in NYC, even received a scholarship from Malcolm Forbes...but even in those days he was old school, no "shock and awe" to tittilate the hoi polloi.  Never a non-conformist, always an individual. 

What does his work say to you?

The prints are approximately 21.75 x 22.5.  They are very limited at this time.  My artist proof arrived, one of only 6.  In total, there will be no more than 60 prints. Artist's proofs are available from Mr. Jones for $275, signed, limited edition prints for $225.  Please contact him, via email, (Carroll Jones III)

To contact Artist:

Carroll Jones III

P.O. Box 3090

Jersey City, NJ  07303