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Monday, January 20, 2014

Final Presentation from College: Rodney, A Book For Children

"I think I've just sort of stumbled through life. Whatever came next for me was deliberate because I always was reigned in in the first place. The biggest thing I ever did for a 'change' was move to Hoboken, NJ. I loved some of Hopper's paintings and I used to go to my first school in NYC (New York Phoenix School of Design) and at the end of the train in Hoboken, there was the bus to the Port Authority and going through Hoboken, I could see one Hopper painting in the storefronts over and over. I got very ill with Strep and ended up in bed for 3 weeks so school in NYC ended. But I never forgot Hoboken. I went to the University of Hartford for 4 or 5 years and then when I was around 33, I moved to Hoboken to hopefully come alive being closer to the arts." (Correspondence 6/23/12)

Carroll Jones III Final Presentation, Hartford College..."Rodney, A Book for Children".

"I was looking for a picture I had drawn of a high school friend and her little brother to email her 50 years later......and I came across these two pictures (polaroids) of my final graphic presentation for my senior graduation from collage. I was a painter but hated the painting teachers (hate is too strong) so I faded out with graphics.
I did it about the letter 'R' named Rodney. He was tired of being at the end of the alphabet and wanted to be first. The story introduced children to words. The teacher board thought it was stupid. But I did graduate. I think I invented Sesame Street. I didn't see TV during 63 to 67 so it may have been on already. 
I did every third or fourth page from the book for preview. Every thing you see had to be cut out of colored paper with an xacto knife....WAY before computers."   (Correspondence 6/16/12)

"He was a lower-case letter R with an upper-case imagination."

                             Audacious little thing, he was...~Rose~

[Note: See also 3/9/13 for cross reference.]

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Carroll Jones III

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