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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two Windows... How An Idea Begins.

Email dated September 2, 2012

"Two Windows is a drawing that I'm working on to take a deserved break on the geranium painting. It's NOT finished by half, at least. It's totally made up. I'm sure there are windows like that in Kansas. And New England. Percy, the red cat might go into the window on the right. There is a lot more area on the bottom that doesn't show in the picture. I don't know what I'm going to do with that but I'm just getting light and shade right first."

Still a work-in-progress, Percy comes alive in the window, and the beginning of the weeds on the bottom of the drawing.

Arrangement with Percy and Two Windows

" The drawing of Percy and the two windows was just opened an hour ago. It's been at the framer's for two months and I just got it back. I have the note card in front of me and I kept thinking it was too light and I didn't spend enough time filling it in. But I just saw the original and was taken back. It is very good. I'm relieved. Two months without seeing a work gives you a new perspective. I feel a little sorry each day I drive back from Target's because I see where I got the weeds for the drawing. It's the house that had them all ripped out and put in concrete. It was so much better with the weeds."

So there you have it. Who knows where an artist's inspiration will come from? Jones knows it in his mind's eye., before he begins to put pencil to paper.  He pieces it together, some based on reality, some based on creativity.  Can you see Albrecht Durer's has deeply influenced Mr. Jones depiction of the weeds? Durer was a Northern Renaissance painter, a great artist and "I think he was around 500 years ago. So advanced. I have studied him for my 'weeds' for years.", Jones says. His spirit lives on in artists like Carroll Jones III and shevaun.  Many artists chase novelty, some require excellence of themselves.  The novel artists appeal to that which has never been done before. The classical artist stands on the shoulders of giants, and moves one step forward.