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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Albrecht Durer 1471-1528 German Artist (Influence)

highly detailed green weeds against tan background
"Great piece of turf study of weeds"Albrect Durer

"I'm glad you sent the pictures from that blog. The picture, that I have not seen of the bird's wing, is out standing. He was a great artist and I think he was around 500 years ago. So advanced. I have studied him for my 'weeds' for years."

Right lower detail of weeds by Carroll Jones III in oil Separate Skies
Lower right hand closeup, Separate Skies by C.Jones III

 I've never known another artist to do weeds so wonderfully as Mr. Jones...  Who sees the beauty in a weed, but Carroll Jones III, and  Albrecht Durer ?

Albrecht Durer
Self-Portrait at the Age of Twenty Eight - Albrecht Durer
Born: 21 May 1471; Nuremberg, Germany
Died: 06 April 1528; Nuremberg, Germany
Field: painting, printmaking, engraving, art theory
Nationality: German
Art Movement: Northern Renaissance
School or Group: German School 


The beautiful blog he was referring to was this one:  

Please give it a visit.  shevaun does a wonderful job. It is her sketchbook, and it is so interesting how she makes a science of art. Next to Jones, I find her studies the most enlightening of all botanical artists.

To contact Artist:

Carroll Jones III

P.O. Box 3090

Jersey City, NJ  07303