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Thursday, May 23, 2013

It Began with a Tiffany Vase...

"My father's parents own a real large table lamp by Tiffany (hanging) but they didn't have $$ and it was bought early in the 20th cent. before Tiffany was really expensive. They had a good business when they ran a boy's camp on Swanzey Lake in NH. In 1902 to 1933. (Depression killed them)

This is a picture of it today. I was there in the summer's of the 50's to 67. I slept in the screened porch in the top left many time back then.
The other b&w pictures of it are mine and are in the 30's and early 60's. In the front of the house of the lower picture is my father and grampa Carroll which I took. That's where all paintings I do today began....the thinking anyway. "

          Mexican Vase  by Carroll Jones III --Prismacolor pencil