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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mr. Jones' Soul Twin, Angela Lyn

 The first work of Carroll Jones III I ever saw was Simple Gifts.  It was in and amongst the images for the music scores for the great traditional Shaker hymn by Joseph Brackett, Jr., written in 1848.  It was so beautiful, nestled there among the score sheets.

 I admired it, but couldn't afford it.  Instead, I bought a set of 6 notecards, that I could afford.  When the day came for the notecards to arrive, a huge package came directly from the artist, all the way from Jersey City, New Jersey.  It was a framed print. I was utterly astonished.

I like to listen occasionally to art critic Rodrigo Canete, who tends to tell it like it is, at least to him.  Recently, he had the most interesting artist on his you-tube channel, The Pill.  He was very gentle, very interested in an artist he happened to meet and befriend by chance.

"Giving the viewer a different pace, a different place...." Rodrigo Canate spoke to beautiful Swiss artist Angela Lyn, the video available on his blog at, or on on you-tube. ( ) She reminded me so much, in her work, of Mr. Jones because of the detail.  She paints fragments of cedar tree branches, giving attention to each needle.  Her work draws you in, and in that, doesn't disappoint.  Rodrigo referred to her work as microscopic, although her images may cover entire walls in size. She learned from her Chinese father that beauty is something profound, and powerful. She attempted to show that "long, lost land" of China that he loved in her work, much as Mr. Jones shows the world of his beloved Grandfathers, drawn to the time of WWII. And the warmth in her work...and the fact that she works so hard...and her desire to reach people at a human level...You can see that she is the more unique type of artist, the giver, rather than the taker. Her heart is in it, as is Mr. Jones.

"When you stand from afar... you receive an impact of an image, but when you move in will discover...and keep discovering...and keep discovering, ...and that is when you know something is really there. And that is really essential to me....The details...when your move very close up, are still there....the details will still feed you..."says the artist, when speaking of her own work. Canete notes the tension between the telescopic and microscopic in her work, that if one went any farther into it, they would see the cells.

"What does it mean to look at something fully?" Angela Lyn asks."  It has to do with realizing how  temporary you are because what you see is going to be gone in a moment, and you are going to be gone a few moments later."

 How beautiful! Something different is going on, these are not typical artists.

I hope Angela Lyn will forgive me for copying her words, and art critic Rodrigo Canete will forgive me for using his interview...but when I saw this, I sensed a similar drive in each of these artists, Angela Lyn, and Carroll Jones III.  I hope we don't wait until they are gone to appreciate them. As Rodrigo mentions, the art market is pushing to commodify feminism with childish images, and yet, the maturity of this artist to realize that what she delivers, like her own children, are not hers. It is not only feminism that is commodified  with childish images...

 Blessings to all, but especially to Mr. Jones, who is just about as kind as he is gifted.  And a little microscopic view of Simple Gifts: look closely...
Simple Gifts by Carroll Jones III
To contact Artist:

Carroll Jones III

P.O. Box 3090

Jersey City, NJ  07303

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