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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Portrait Artist's Aren't "REAL" Artists!

I've cut and pasted a very, very early work of Mr. Jones, a rather personal "portrait" above.  It is from his 2013 catalog entitled Jones III available in PDF form here. It is a current oeuvre.

Earlier this year, I was on an art forum.  An artist was complaining that portrait artists were "stuck up" and full of themselves...and rich, but not "real" artists given free rein of the imagination.

Artists who masterfully execute beautiful renditions of truth,  not the "real" ones who use shock and awe to increase sales, are born, not made.  Often, dyslexics go into art as they "think in pictures" naturally.  A fine portrait artist, Bernard Aimé Poulin, said that he was dyslexic towards faces, prosopagnosia.  He could not recognize faces....yet, he did gorgeous work, stunning, really  (Dame Lois Brown Evans, DBE, JP ).  I feel this "thinking in pictures" is the reason for Poulin's success...but the critique was it didn't seem to be a possibility. Oh, well, he's not a 'real artist' anyway...

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